Welcome to Biobrand Invest  
  Biobrand Invest (Pty) Ltd is a creative initiative to establish a new, modern bottling plant for carbonated drinks and spring water in South Africa by a consortium of local and overseas capital and expertise.

The construction of the plant, located at Kyalami in Midrand, Gauteng, is fully completed. It is to focus on production for local marketing as well as export to African and global markets. Several marketing contracts are currently being negotiated.

Biobrand Invest (Pty) Ltd is combining and exploiting the existing local and overseas know-how, investments and marketing potential. The Bulgarian engineering enterprise and investor BIOCOMPLECT ENGINEERING PM (Ltd)  has made substantial financial inputs into this project. Local investments will be sought, among others, from a BEE partner or partners.

From our side Biobrand Invest is planning to contribute substantially to BEE concerns including to the Nelson Mandela’s Children Fund, as well as to various environmental foundations.

Together with the Bulgarian enterprise BIOCOMPLECT ENGINEERING PM (Ltd) we are also contributing specific expertise and management skills in the carbonated drinks, spring water and beer industry.

Biobrand Invest (Pty) Ltd is acting as a representative of previously well known businesses in import and export of fresh cut flowers, known as Mike Scorpio Import / Export, Flora Town (Pty) Ltd & Flora Flex cc. The new Biobrand Invest (Pty) Ltd plant is to commercially process new currently still secret recipes for soft drinks processed from flowers and herbs containing a natural rose extract from the valley of the roses grown in Bulgaria/Kazanlak in Eastern Europe.

The plant also has capacity to bottle for existing drink manufacturers under their own labels.
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